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Cosatto Woosh Double Stroller in Sis and Bro Style

Cosatto Woosh Double Stroller in Sis and Bro Style

Regular price €379.00 €405.00 | Save €26.00 (6% off)


This Cosatto Woosh Double Stroller in Sis and Bro Style is part of our clearance sale and only available to purchase online. There is one stroller available to purchase at this discounted price.

When it comes to buggies and strollers – Cosatto are best known for their funky (with emphasis on FUN) styles, great function and excellent value for money. If you’re in the market for a stroller that ticks those boxes but can also handle double the trouble, look no further than the Cosatto Woosh Double (the double version of the Cosatto Woosh 2).

For a double stroller, it’s amazingly lightweight at just 11kg and it boasts a really compact fold that can lie flat or free-stand. This lightweight benefit comes at a slight compromise – each seat is suitable from birth to 15kg only (roughly 3 years). But lets get real here – that’s a combined seat weight of 30kg for such a lightweight and compact stroller so I don’t really see that as too much of a mark against it.

An all-round suspension handles most Irish city and suburban terrains and despite its lightweight, it feels like a solid durable bit of kit. That’s backed up by Cosatto’s 4 year warranty – so they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Each seat acts independently of one another which is a major plus. And it’s packed with practical features – a peek-a-boo window in moderately-sized UPF100+ hoods, a decent sized shopping basket, pockets built into the back of the seat, foam handle bars and a little bell to let Sunday walkers know that you’re on the march…

It’s a 1 handed fold with very little messing involved and its price point is fantastic – this really is a stroller build with growing young Irish families in mind (and/or twins).

However, as with every item featured on the BabyDoc Shop, we stock this product because we really like it but we feel it's also important we also give you the "watch-out" points too, and there are a couple of small flags that may (or may not) bug you...

The designs are about as out there as Bovril – I love them (and so do toddlers) but others don’t. The recline function is achieved using straps rather than a lever and the upright position is not really fully upright (but it's close enough in my opinion).

You’ll be hard-pushed to find a better value and more versatile double stroller. Includes stroller, bumper bar and rain cover. Footmuff sold separately.


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