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Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

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When I think Mountain Buggy, I think of their big, all-terrain buggies. But the super compact Mountain Buggy Nano Duo is the double version of the massively popular singe version – the Mountain Buggy Nano. Much like its single sibling, the Duo is designed for city parents stuck for space or families that like to get away.

The fold is uber-compact for a double, ultra-lightweight at just 9kg and made all the easier to carry around thanks to a handy over-the-shoulder carry strap. It’ll hold up to 15kg in each seat, (roughly 3 years) with a multi-position recline to lie-flat that is achieved using a strap-based function. It is suitable for newborns but not straight out of the box, you need to buy a Carrycot Cocoon as an extra.

The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo is best suited to life gliding along smooth surfaces. It comes with a huge reputation – it’s one of the more popular double travel strollers out there and is certainly a well-built bit of kit.

However, as with every item featured on the BabyDoc Shop, we stock this product because we really like it but we feel it's also important we also give you the "watch-out" observations too, especially at a premium price point like this Mountain Buggy. There are a couple of small downside surprises that may (or may not) bug you...

The hood is a bit disappointing. It's flimsy, offers insufficient coverage and annoyingly there’s no peek-a-boo window (although it does have a ventilated back). While both seats operate independently, the recline function is strap-based and can be a bit fiddly. There’s a rear-wheel suspension only and combined with the small hard wheels, this is strictly smooth surfaces only. The fold, while very compact, is also quite fiddly.

We hate to say it but the rain cover is also EXTRA. It’s newborn-friendly but only after you buy the EXTRA carrycot. 

Ultimately the downsides listed above are the concessions you make for such a compact double stroller from a reputable brand and they may not matter to you. There are other double strollers available – each with its own pro’s and con’s. Weigh them up – the Duo might be the one for you!

Check out some more handy info in the tabs below, including our Mummysaver review!


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